What Though The Odds: “Fixing” Notre Dame Football

Analysis Fixing Notre Dame football may require a nod to its roots, when underdog teams overachieved Amid the national discussion over whether General Motors or CitiBank are “too big to fail,” could it also be said that Notre Dame football is too historic, too important to the fabric of college football to ever fall by   Read Full Post

Holtz Statue is Unveiled Prior to Michigan Game

In many ways, Lou Holtz is the perfect face of Notre Dame football. Much like the program itself, nearly every college football fan has an opinion of him, positive or otherwise. From the diminutive size to the endless enthusiasm to the much-imitated voice and mannerisms, Coach Holtz is truly one of a kind. And, until   Read Full Post

2008 Season to Honor Five ND Coaches, ‘Victory March’

The 2008 football season at the University of Notre Dame will recall many of the finest moments in the program’s illustrious history. All five former head coaches who guided the Fighting Irish to consensus national championships will be honored. In addition, the school, its Band and fans will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the writing   Read Full Post