The Way It’s Supposed To Be

Occasionally, we’re asked when Notre Dame’s Homecoming game is.  Folks are often surprised to learn that ND doesn’t celebrate Homecoming as such.  The reason, of course, is that every home game — indeed, every game — is a chance for many thousand members of the Notre Dame family to return, gather and celebrate.

Whether it’s alumni, subway alums, families and friends of alumni, or friends and supporters …the important thing is coming together and enjoying the experience.

We were privileged to be among such a group this past weekend, starting Thursday evening at LindaSullivanNDFootballLegends.  We had a feeling it was going to be a good weekend when, at the end of the Brian Kelly Radio Show, in the first drawing for an autographed football, Jack Nolan announced…. “Linda Sullivan of Basking Ridge, New Jersey” and our table exploded in cheers.  “First time I’ve won anything,” a beaming Linda exclaimed.

That set the tone, and it was all good.  Enjoying a variety of activities on and off campus on Friday, including of course Trumpets Under the Dome, Band Marchout, Pep Rally and Midnight Drummers Circle. The Dan Devine sculpture was unveiled, completing the “Circle of Coaches” at the gates of the Stadium.

Saturday, as is our custom, our group got to campus early, and dispersed to each’s destination.  The soccer game between the Irish and No. 1 UConn, an excellent Saturday Scholar Series talk by Prof. Robert Johansen “Building Peace In A Violent World” and then taking in the new players’ walk in the shadow of Touchdown Jesus.

In the Stadium, ND’s performance was efficient and impressive. This truly could become an offense that’s very difficult for opponents to stop.  And while nobody likes to see the defensive backups give up two late TDs, overall it was a good effort.

And perhaps the most excitement was generated by the debut of sophomore quarterback Andrew Hendrix, now known for his long one-stumble-short-of-the-end zone romp. All in all, a weekend that had one saying, “Shouldn’t it always be like this?”