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Media Coverage of
Loyal Sons: The Story of The Four Horsemen and Notre Dame Football’s 1924 Champions

“A ‘must-read’ real jewel”
— The South Bend Tribune
PDF version
“A good read…a well-reported story of Notre Dame’s famed ‘Four Horsemen'”
–Charleston Daily Mail
PDF version
“An engaging read…especially recommended”
–The Midwest Book Review
PDF version
Q&A with Author/Notre Dame historian Jim Lefebvre
–Minneapolis Star-Tribune
PDF version
“Read ‘Loyal Sons’ and you’ll wish (a renewal of the Wisconsin-ND rivalry) could happen immediately.”
–Doug More, Wisconsin State Journal
PDF version
“Four Horsemen scored big against anti-Catholicism”
–The Tidings, Archdiocese of Los Angeles
PDF version
“How did the team help Catholic Americans feel they belonged?”
–Catholic New World, Archdiocese of Chicago
PDF version
“Layden legacy revived in new book”
–The Quad Cities Times
PDF version
“If you’re a college football fan, Notre Dame fan or in need of a good read, ‘Loyal Sons’ is a must”
–Rock Island Dispatch-Argus
PDF version
“More than just a story about football…rich in historical and cultural detail.”
Hibbing Daily Tribune
PDF version
“The successes, hardships and tragedies of Rockne’s players are all detailed within the book.”
Mesabi Daily News, Virginia, MN
PDF version
“The Four Horsemen…just who were they?”
–American Chronicle
PDF version
“Compelling tome about Notre Dame football”
–Elyria (OH) Chronicle-Telegram
PDF version
“Notre Dame’s Four Horsemen ride again”
–The Catholic Spirit
PDF version
“The first fully researched treatment of the most famous team in the history of Notre Dame football”
–Notre Dame Magazine
PDF version
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