Readers’ Reactions

Here is what they’re saying about “Loyal Sons”

“LOYAL SONS is a masterpiece. It takes the readers back to the Notre Dame campus of 1924 — and vividly relives the heroics of Rock’s Four Horsemen. Thanks for writing a story that needed to be told.”

–JERRY McKENNA, creator of Holtz, Parseghian, Leahy, Krause
and Four Horsemen sculptures on the Notre Dame campus


“LOYAL SONS for me is a truly amazing story of the Four Horsemen and the national championship team of 1924….a well-researched and written account of the entire season,.. wonderfully researched and detailed. The book is a great tribute to the 1924 team that indeed deserves the title of “Loyal Sons.”

–JOE DOYLE, Retired Sports Editor, South Bend Tribune


“These truly were LOYAL SONS. Loyal to their school, their families, their faith, and to one another. What a special time in Notre Dame history.”

president emeritus, University of Notre Dame


“If you’ve seen the famous photo and read the Grantland Rice column, you may think you know about the Four Horsemen, but you don’t – not the way Jim Lefebvre does. He has been interested in the story since he was a boy, attending the same grammar school Jim Crowley once did, and he has spent years in the archives piecing it together. And now he tells it better and more completely here than anyone else ever has.

–KEVIN COYNE, Author, “Domers: A Year at Notre Dame”


“LOYAL SONS might be the most compelling tome about Notre Dame football I’ve ever read.”

–DAN COUGHLIN, Fox 8, WJW-TV, Cleveland


“As a lad of 16, I sat captivated in front of my family’s radio listening to the January 1, 1925 Rose Bowl game between Notre Dame and Stanford. LOYAL SONS captures the essence of what made this team and this season so memorable. All “alumni” – whether Notre Dame grads or subway alums – will enjoy following this incredible story.”

–RICHARD SAVAGE, Notre Dame class of 1930, Age 101


“This is a great book about football…and so much more. Jim captures the interwoven essence of strong character, devout families, hard work, integrity, selflessness and coachability that made this unpretentious team of young gentlemen “raise the bar” for those who followed.”



“LOYAL SONS is not only one of the best books on ND Football but also one of the best books I’ve ever read on Notre Dame. Thank you for writing such an incredible book about such an incredible time in ND history.”



“Finally…the real and accurate story of The Four Horsemen of Notre Dame. Every age needs its heroes and The Four Horsemen were the ones who fit the picture for several years. A great book with a real story of a time in our country when heroes were needed.”

–JOHN C. BERINGER, SR., Akron, OH & Naples, FL


“I was really fascinated at the detail and research that went into this book, considering it was written of days gone by. I’ve read most of the books written about Notre Dame football dating back to the 1930s. This was by far the most detailed. My congratulations to Jim Lefebvre on an outstanding book.”



“I am one of Don Miller’s daughters and cannot tell you enough how much it meant to read about Dad, but also to be able to get so immersed in the whole atmosphere of football during those years. You made it such fun to read….and learn about the the giants in the sports world at that time. You really created a history book for all sports history buffs, not just us rabid Irish fans and those who love Notre Dame. Thank you!