What Would Rockne Say…

Author Jim Lefebvre shared his insights as to what Coach Knute Rockne may have had to say about the the recent announcement of the $400 million building project called Campus Crossroads announced by Notre Dame. Listen to his interview (below) with WSBT’s Eric Hansen and Darin Pritchett. The legendary coach, known as a visionary in   Read Full Post

A Notre Dame Family’s Home

This year’s Notre Dame-Southern Cal game was to be a special occasion for the Bob Cronin family of Elmhurst, Illinois. Bob, a 1982 Notre Dame graduate and former president of the ND Club of Chicago, was told by his old buddies from Dillon Hall that they had something special they wanted to present to the   Read Full Post

More Than Scores

Every day, there seems to be more stories swirling around the world of football beyond wins and losses, strategies and statistics. Here are just a few from recent days: A PBS Frontline documentary details the efforts of the NFL to deny and undermine evidence linking violent football collisions with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which has been   Read Full Post

The Alma Mater: What Would ‘Rock’ Do?

Amidst the flap over whether Notre Dame football players should join their fellow ND students in the singing of “Notre Dame, Our Mother” after the conclusion of games—win or lose—was this statement from Brian Kelly: “I just don’t think it’s appropriate to put your players after defeat in a situation where they are exposed.” Exposed?   Read Full Post

Rockne and Leadership

We happened to read a piece on leadership, and were struck by these words: “This is the thing about great men and women. They aren’t so star-struck by their own persona that they can’t share power. Too often, playmakers hoard knowledge, process and command. Afraid of losing control, they resist the process of mentoring successors.   Read Full Post

Rockne at 125: Still Teaching Us

On this day 125 years ago — March 4, 1988 — a carriage-maker in the village of Voss, Norway by the name of Lars Rokne and his wife, Mary Gjermo Rokne, welcomed into the world their second child and first son, whom they would name Knute Kenneth Rokne. So started the remarkable journey of Knute   Read Full Post

Coming this September, from Great Day Press:
“Coach For A Nation: The Life and Times of Knute Rockne”

He transformed the game of football forever and inspired a nation along the way. Knute Rockne’s journey from immigrant child to Notre Dame coaching legend to revered national figure illustrates to us today the endless possibilities of the human spirit. This September, Great Day Press presents the authoritative biography Coach For A Nation: The Life   Read Full Post

Rockne Envisioned A Different Game

It would be accurate to call Knute Rockne a “man on the move.” After his playing days at Notre Dame (1910-13), he served as assistant coach to Jesse Harper in 1914-17, and kept his toe in the waters of competition beyond the college gridiron. Several times a week, after Notre Dame practice, he would zip   Read Full Post

A Gifted Life: John P. Hickey, Sr.

How many of us are fortunate enough to live a fulfilling life of 90-plus years, surrounded by a loving family…and also cross paths with two of the most legendary figures in the history of American athletics? Such was the life of John Patrick Hickey, who is being buried today from Wellesley, Mass. John Hickey and   Read Full Post

Saying Goodbye to a Truly Loyal Son

They gathered on the North Side of Chicago the other day to remember, celebrate and pray an amazing fellow into his final journey. How fitting that the church, Our Lady of Mercy, was topped by a golden dome and likeness of Mary. For you couldn’t find a more loyal son of Our Lady’s University than   Read Full Post