The Only Option: Moving Foward

When Hurricane Irene slammed into the Northeast recently, I probably had the same reaction as millions of other Americans….wondering how loved ones in the region were faring with the flooding, power outages and other disruptions of the disaster.

I’m having something of deja vu moment after Saturday’s gut-wrenching defeat.

I want to reach out to fellow Irish fans who are closest to me — family and friends around the country — and make sure they are OK.

How’s the weather where you are?  Can you get out and enjoy a beautiful September day?

Can you focus on work, school, volunteering or some other project on your plate this week?  Feel good about your contribution to society?

Anything to take your thoughts off an 0-2 football team seemingly snake-bitten beyond belief.

The only consolation I can come up with is that Notre Dame remains Notre Dame.  It is a place that nurtures the growth of outstanding young people, and helps them become exceptional young people ready to make a positive impact in the world.  This extends to athletics, where ND continues to be among the nation’s leaders in student-athletes gaining a meaningful education.

It is also a place that rebuilt itself after a devastating fire early in its history, and remained in business despite losing much of its enrollment during world wars.

Notre Dame is not going anywhere. And its followers should remember that.  Even as they search for any answers to help explain the inexplicable lack of football victories.

Time to move forward.  The 10 remaining games aren’t being taken off the schedule.

Players and coaches have to face them head-on.  They may as well do it with our support.