Tragedy Hits ND Again

Disappointment over underperformance on the football field gets Irish fans in a tizzy. But at least it is not a life-and-death matter.

Wednesday’s accident which claimed the life of ND student videographer Declan Sullivan, a 20-year-old junior from Long Grove, Ill., has sent shock waves across campus and beyond, and reminded all of the fragility of life.

And it begs the question: Is there a black cloud hanging over this program?

First, the death of prize recruit Matt James during spring break in Florida, and now this.

Notre Dame football players, one minute going through a spirited workout in less-than-ideal conditions, and then finding out that the student videotaping their workout has died.

No doubt the coming days will bring many questions about how a hydraulic scissors lift was being used in extremely windy conditions. Investigations will be called for. Culpability will be assessed. Lawsuits will likely follow.

None of which should overlook the fact that the University has lost a bright, energetic young soul. And that leaves all 8,000 of his fellow students — and all of Notre Dame — grieving. And one family facing unspeakable pain.

Here is how The Observer covered the story and remembered their colleague.