Stagg Had A Prominent Role In The Rise of ND Football

“The game which I have taught….was brought to Notre Dame by Jesse Harper, one of Alonzo Stagg’s best quarterbacks at Chicago.  Stagg brought his game from Yale.  Ergo…Notre Dame football goes back to Stagg and to Yale.”   –Knute Rockne By Jim Lefebvre, Editor, Forever Irish ( To nobody’s surprise, the Big 10 announced Monday that   Read Full Post

How Does The Expansion Arms Race Benefit the Game?

Analysis It all started with the Big Ten’s announcement last December that it was to begin a study of possible expansion, over a period of 12 to 18 months. It would be a deliberate, thoughtful process meant to identify and vet the school or schools that would be the best fit – academically, athletically, culturally.   Read Full Post