The Alma Mater: What Would ‘Rock’ Do?

Amidst the flap over whether Notre Dame football players should join their fellow ND students in the singing of “Notre Dame, Our Mother” after the conclusion of games—win or lose—was this statement from Brian Kelly: “I just don’t think it’s appropriate to put your players after defeat in a situation where they are exposed.” Exposed?   Read Full Post

Rally, Sons of Notre Dame!

Brian Kelly said it best in the cramped locker room at the Los Angeles Coliseum late in the evening of November 24. “We won this game the way we’ve won every game this season,” he shouted to the victorious Irish crowded around him. “With our will, our determination, our want and our desire.” Football analysts   Read Full Post

Manti: A Sense of Knowing

Following an afternoon of steady showers, the skies had opened into an all-out downpour on rain-soaked Notre Dame Stadium.  Students romped with student-athletes, celebrating a dramatic goal-line stand that ended a classic, overtime victory against fellow heavyweight Stanford. Manti Te’o stood with his arm around his coach, Brian Kelly, explaining for a national audience what   Read Full Post

Channeling His Inner ‘Rock’

“I want tough gentlemen. I want football players that are mentally and physically tough that will play for four quarters, and I want gentlemen off the field that we all can be proud of. And we will do that here at Notre Dame.” –Coach Brian Kelly “There is a football coach and then there’s the   Read Full Post